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As we all know the web is full of online casinos, therefore an extremely wide choice of gambling sites is available for players worldwide and in all possible languages.

The success of online casinos during the last decade has undoubtly been skyrocketing, but at the expense of land based casinos that are suffering great losses of customers and revenues. Among some well known cases are the closing down in 2018 of the Italian land based "Campione d'Italia Casino" in the Swiss territory that was forced to shut its doors because of so many debts and unpaid taxes, and the continuous sufference of most land based casinos in Las Vegas - USA that are trying to reconvert themselves into holiday hotels as they have seen an unprecedented fall in customers visiting the icon city of United States gambling.

However, having said the above, as with most things in life there is the good and the bad and this also applies to online casinos. So many times in the past we have seen online casinos disappearing overnight with customer's deposits and by not paying their winnings either. Well, luckily all this risk is nowdays reduced to nearly zero due to gambling authorities worldwide that keep licensed online casinos under control and make sure they operate in compliance with their guidelines that are primarily set to protect players who happen to be in this case the customers; In this respect, stringent measures are taken by most European countries as well as the USA and some other parts of the world, including countries that ban online gambling all together. Among the most known worldwide gambling authorities are the UKGC - United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authorithy and the Curaçao e-Gaming Authority.


So what is best to do if you want to find a trustworthy and safe gambling site where to play without any problem?

Well, this answer can be given without much hesitation: inform yourself before depositing any money!

How do you inform yourself before doing a bad move and choose the rotten egg in the basket?

Once again, search online and read as much as you can about the casino you intend to sign-up at. Do not trust just the casino website itself, but read reviews and then finally make your decision.

The fact that you are reading this article already means just the above: You are informing yourself from a trusted online casinos website at: www.world-best-online-casinos.com

All casinos pulished on this site are vetted, checked and compared by a professional team of passionate people who only do this, check and review online casinos, and those that do not fit our requirement are simply outof here. That's it. Of course there isn't only us doing this job, but there are many sites that review casinos. Of course we cannot guarantee anything about them and it's up to you to evaluate what they write and say about each casino they publish.

What we can say for sure is that there are casino review websites that specialise in some specific topics of online gambling, for example if you are interested in playing slots, than there is nothing better than visiting one of the best online slots sites being https://www.slotmatch.com where you will find a list of the TOP 10 ONLINE SLOT SITES on the web, and it comes with multilanguage option as well being English, Italian, French, Spanish.

The same as above applies if you are interested in playing roulette, where a specialist site: https://www.roulette-experts.com tells you all what is best about roulette, the best winning systems for playing roulette and the best online roulette sites with exact information about bonuses for new players or the number of tables, the minimum and maximum stake acceptable as table limits at live dealer casinos, and all the relevant information that can be useful for roulette players.

What we are saying about online casinos also applies to sports betting sites, as these are obvioulsy focused on offering players the possibility to bet on any sport event in most countries around all the world. For this purpose we have on this site a list with related information about the world's best bookmakers that you can trust and where you can play with confidence in safe environments. One thing in particular differentiates these bookmakers from the rest and that is, if you are a frequent winner, these bookmakers will not close your account to get rid of you. No way, this does not happen in 99.9% of cases, unless you cheat or do something against the bookmaker's rules.

We have listed the TOP 10 ONLINE CASINOS by country of most countries worldwide and in all continents, and you can be sure that all those listed here are licensed gambling operators and they do accept players from each country in which they are listed. This will save players a lot of time searching the internet for such information. Obvioulsy English is not the only language in the world and therefore a lot of websites are purposely made to serve a specific country.

Let's take Italy as an example. If you are looking for the best online casino site in Italian language for Italian players, then for sure it has to be https://www.casino-online-italiani.com - All casinos listed there are 100% legal casinos holding Italian gambling licence by ADM - Agenzia Monopoli e Dogane which is the authority responsible for licensing and regulating gambling in that country. However, if you want a list of foreign online casinos without Italian licence that accept Italian players the best site is Casino Online Stranieri at https://casino-online-stranieri.com

Basically, what we are telling here is to open your eyes and don't fall fool of someone who was born yesterday. This doesn't mean either that new online casinos are not to be trusted. We ourselves list some relatively young casinos that deserve the highest respect, as they, themselves have done everything right to deserve the place on the throne they are up to. Once again, the fact that you are reading this means you are in safe hands on this website.

Just choose the online casino that best suites you and enjoy yourself.

Good luck!

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