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lll▷ NO ZERO ROULETTE | Where To Play It

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NO ZERO Roulette is like a dream come true for many passionate players of this famous table game and as the name suggests, it is a roulette with 36 numbers, but without the zero.

This very particular roulette is to be found only and exclusively in Betvoyager, which is the only online casino in the world to offer such game, and neither it is available in any land-based casino anywhere around the globe. As a matter of facts, Betvoyager, which was launched in 2007, has developed in-house the software for this game and for many other games available on its platform.

The success of this game is due to the fact that by not having the zero, the player has 50% chance to win against the casino, as all bets placed have equal odds for the house and for the players.

Therefore, no zero roulette has very simple and straighforward payouts of (35:1) for straight bets.

Sounds nice, yes?

However, as No Zero roulette was growing in popularity, Betvoyager casino owners (being Armenians, with Russian collaborators) have been doing the same with their growing greed towards both customers and affiliates alike, up to the stage that in 2019 the UKGC - United Kingdom Gambling Commission had no other option than to seize and block their gambling licence, thus forcing them to leave the british territory where they had done much damage to players.

By the way, the same company operates another online casino & sportsbook called Betcruise, that has the same management and shady practices as Betvoyager.

Basically, the evil technique they use is that their No Zero Roulette lets players win very often little amounts as soon after they start playing for the first time, and they even pay fast the related customer's withdrawal requests. But then, once the player gets addicted and understands that there is a real 50% chance of winning against the casino, the software becomes funny and greedy. It doesn't matter what you do, it does it's best to not let you win. In fact, some players have reported that spinning the roulette wheel has released up to 36 times the same colour!

If instead a player wins a decent amount at Betvoyager casino, it doesn't matter the game played, it is very hard if not impossible to get payment from the cashier. They simply don't reply to customers requests and find any kind of excuse to not pay winners, or even block the player from accessing his/her account. In some cases they even say that the payment has been made, but without giving evidence of the date, amount, method. A frustration for the poor player that can do nothing about it, and accept the fact that he/she will never see the money won.

If you add to the above their dodgy terms & conditions, it will not take long to understand that they have been cleverly studied to be against players.

After receiving many complaints from unfortunate players and putting the puzzle together, we have taken the decision to remove Betvoyager from our website as it doesn't deserve to be among the honest operators that we normally list.

We urge ALL PLAYERS to avoid Betvoyager and Betcruise, as there are better sites where to play safely.

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