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lll▷ NO ZERO ROULETTE | How it works - Where to play it online

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What It Is & Where To Play It

NO ZERO Online Roulette is like a dream come true for many passionate players of this famous table game and as the name suggests, it is a roulette with 36 numbers, but without the zero.

This very particular online roulette is to be found only and exclusively in Betvoyager, which is the only online casino in the world to offer such game, and neither it is available in any land-based casino anywhere around the globe. As a matter of facts, Betvoyager, which was launched in 2007, has developed in-house the software for this game and for many other games available on its platform.

The success of this game is due to the fact that by not having the zero, the player has 50% chance to win against the casino, as all bets placed have equal odds for the house and for the players.

Therefore, no zero roulette has very simple and straighforward payouts of (35:1) for straight bets, while the casino does not have any advantage against the player.

This fact alone, of course, raises the question about "How does the casino actually make money?"

Well, very simply Betvoyager Casino charges a 10% commission on all your winnings at No Zero roulette.

This seems very fair and reasonable to us, and the fact that Betvoyager is very popular in many developed countries such as European Union, Scandinavia, UK, Canada, Australia and many others, proves so.

As if the success of this game alone was not enough, Betvoyager casino has developed some other exclusive roulette games (all without house edge) such as: No Zero Multiball Roulette, and No Zero Roulette Express – all of them very interesting indeed!

The best part of all the above is that Betvoyager online casino allows players to try its games in fun mode. Well, this is probably the best way to try out any strategy the player likes, before playing in real mode.​.


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