3 - RTP 98.90%

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4 - RTP 98.70%

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6 - RTP 97.63%


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The number of slot machines available in online casinos has now reached an unprecedented level as never before, and still growing. Millions of players of all ages enjoy themselves with this online amusement, and specially the younger ones love to play slots on their mobile devices while on the move. Some experienced players have actually turned out this passion into "profit" as they have somehow "specialized" themselves in finding ways to win. These players are therefore constantly searching for slots and casinos where they have more chances to win, and this is where our research can come handy as basically, some online slots seem to have a better payout rate or RTP (Return To Player) than others.

8 - RTP 97.50%

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Based on the authoritative site Slotmatch.com, following is a list of the Best Payout Online Slots so far this year and the casinos in which they seem to perform better, and therefore where players can have a better chance to struck their luck. However, it's important to know that slots behave differently between the "Play For Free" and the "Real Mode".



If playing slots is your passion, at Slotmatch.com you will find more than just 10 of the Highest Paying Online Slots, but also tips and secrets on how to win at online slots and the jackpots available in the selected online casinos. Wherever you decide to play, it is however important to know that you should never play with money that should be used for something else, while gambling should be considered leisure time if you are going to have a positive gambling experience from the comfort of your home or playing on your mobile device while on the go.

​One thing is for sure though, and that is online casinos have a better and higher RTP (Return To Player) payout rate than land based casinos and slot machines. On the top of this there is the important factor that you do not need to travel anywhere to play your preferred games online, and furthermore in some online casinos you can even have a feel of the games you'd like to play by trying them for FREE in trial mode before you deposit any money at all. The advantages are there and the enjoyment and the thrill that these amazing games are able to give is there too awaiting for you.

9 - RTP 97%

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5 - RTP 98%

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10 Highest Paying Slot Games



2 - RTP 99.10%

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7 - RTP 97.51%

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1 - RTP 99.90%

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10 - RTP 96.84%

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