RTP/Payout 97.64%

RTP/Payout 97.52%

How Do We Evaluate and Rate Online Casinos ?

​Let's say that it is a painstaking review process to compile a list of top casinos. There are so many parameters we

follow to be able to come out with the final results, and some DO NOT get our approval and therefore are banned or rejected from being listed on this website.

RTP/Payout 98.21%

RTP/Payout 98.71%

RTP/Payout 97.12%

When you gamble, luck can be helped if you know where to play and where you have more chances to win. Basically, some online casinos seem to have a better payout rate or RTP (Return To Player) than others and this is where you have more chance to be a winner!

​Based on the selected casinos featured in this website, we have made a list of those that we have identified being the Best Payout Online Casinos at the time you read this article. We update our highest paying casino on a regular basis, as we by doing so, we help players identify where they have a better chance to struck their luck. The official figures released by each gaming company also help us to identify some useful data that contributes to this matter.

RTP/Payout 97.51%

Best Paying Online Casinos 

RTP/Payout 98.86%